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Snack freely !

Practical and useful: a new way to take away

My name is Arnaud Vahedi and here is Easy Tray.

I am an inventor and like most inventors, a jack of all trades. A few years ago, I had invented a system which facilitated the take away meal consumption but I was not totally satisfied. I realized that when I was eating in a standing position, my two hands were often busy :~ It was so very difficult to drink and eat and more difficult to do something else on the side, like typing on my phone. I wanted to develop a simple and practical new system.

The idea came simply to my mind during a flight when I saw the tray in front of my seat. Quickly I drew the different parts of my idea, made a prototype and did tests until the comfort and the stability were satisfactory.

Today, I introduce you Easy Tray, your Easy Tray which, with no doubt, will facilitate your take away meal and bring you the comfort you were lacking ! ;)


Because of the socio-economic conditions, snacking has become over the years a way of daily consumption for millions. This trend, ...

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Ergonomic and innovative

In collaboration with a team of engineers and designers, Easy Tray has been the focal point of a study to maximize its ...

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Change the habits

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Study Market

Creatests survey November 2012. 1050 people interviewed from 18 to 70 years old. Some ...

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Patented system

Easy Tray is patented and protected by the convention signed by ...

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Licence concession

You are a manufacturer, an investor, a distributor, with a network operating licence you will be able to win a ...

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